Efficient IoT With Azure

Internet of Things (IoT) The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve. Last year Alon Fliess wrote an introduction article about the subject and showed how you can use the […]

Understanding Code with NDepend

Recently I had to quickly understand and take over a customer’s .NET code base. This code base has a lot of history, and as such I was sure that time has taken its toll on it. My goal was to quickly understand the overall quality of the code as well as map areas of the code base which are more problematic in regards to maintainability and testability. While it is possible to accomplish this task with Visual Studio’s Code Metrics, I wanted to get a deeper insight and that’s when I turned to NDepend.

RSS Feed Changes

Blog Reorganized In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve recently made some changes to the look & feel of this blog as well as its structure, adding support for multiple languages and Hebrew […]

I'm a Microsoft Azure MVP!

The Microsoft MVP Award Last week was quite a hectic week for me, preparing for an upcoming webinar on Azure Web & Mobile Apps among other things (more details on this […]

Azure Mobile Services

Azure Mobile Services Azure Mobile Services is an Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering for easily authoring a mobile application back-end, complete with support for user authentication, push notifications and more. It […]