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Hi, I’m
Eran Stiller


My name is Eran Stiller. I’m the Principal Software Architect of Luxury Escapes, based in Melbourne, Australia. As a seasoned software architect and CTO, I designed, implemented and reviewed various software solutions across multiple business domains. I have many years of experience in the software development world and a track record of public speaking and community contribution. Also, I am an Editor on Architecture & Design at InfoQ, where I publish news items regularly.

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Software Architecture

Volatility-based decomposition of complex software systems

Cloud Computing

Extensive experience with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

SaaS Solutions

Experience with building cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions


Planning for security, operation and maintenance of multi-tenant systems


Designing and implementing large scale Microservices based solutions

Public Speaking & Training

Frequent public speaker at various conferences and a veteran trainer