PDC 2009 – Day One is Over

Well, it’s almost 2:00 AM here in Los-Angeles, and the first day of the PDC is almost over. It was quite a busy day, constantly running from one side of the convention center to the other in order to get to sessions in time, posting blog posts as soon as possible after a session is over and trying to get something to eat in between. All in all – I had a good time today.

To finish, here are some pictures from the partner Expo held this evening:

PDC_08.jpg PDC_09.jpg PDC_10.jpg PDC_11.jpg PDC_12.jpg PDC_13.jpg

Oh, and tonight all of the Israeli delegates met for dinner at Morton’s. As you can see, the food looks great (and tastes great):

PDC_14.jpg PDC_15.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the day. Good Night!

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