PDC 2009 Day 1: The Microsoft PDC 2009 Keynote

Finally, the PDC itself has started and it has started with the keynote  by Microsoft’s chief software architect, Ray Ozzie.


The main vision which was threaded throughout Ray’s keynote is the concept of “Three Screens in a Cloud” – server runtime over “Windows Azure” and “SQL Azure” cloud computing platform and user experience on top “Windows 7” and “Silverlight” across platforms.

Windows Azure

Special attention was given to the cloud platform “Windows Azure”  which was announced to be in production on Jan 1st with billing starting on February 1st. Note that Windows Azure will be able to run Java, Eclipse and PHP applications as well as ASP.NET and other Microsoft technologies.

In addition, SQL Azure will be available as a true DB in the cloud – no need to worry about a physical server, disaster recovery and other annoying concerns – you get a DB as a full and complete service. Now that’s a pretty big boost for cloud computing.

Microsoft Pinpoint

A new Microsoft service on top of Windows Azure named “Microsoft Pinpoint” was announced today. This service is an online catalog of cloud services available for Developers and IT Pros.

Microsoft’s Codename “Dallas”

Another service over Windows Azure and SQL Azure which was announced today is Microsoft’s codename “Dallas”. Dallas’ main idea is to give developers “Data as a Service” – easily discover, explore and use data in a new and convenient way. Think of this service as a huge repository of various data sources which can be used in a uniform and standard manner using standard mechanisms.

The Bottom Line

It seems as Microsoft is giving a huge push towards the cloud computing environment with Windows Azure and SQL Azure and that they strongly believe this is the direction of the future.

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